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Features of HF Litz Wires

Single wire of HF Litz Wire is coated with enamel.

HF Litz wires avoids losses due to skin effect and proximity effect.

Skin Effect is the tendency of an electric current to distribute itself within a conductor such that the current density near the surface of the conductor is greater thatn at its core. The higher the frequency, the larger the impact of skin effect. HF Litz wire counteract this effect by increasing the surface area without significant increase in the size of conductor.

Eddy currents which are generated through the fields of adjacent conductors also effect the performance of the single conductor. This is called proximity effect.

HF litz wires consists of bunched enameled wires.

The enamel insulations can be of temperature class 155, 180 , 200 , 220 or 2400C.

The enamel insulation on wires can be of Grade 1, Grade 2 or Grade 3 according to the customer requirement.

The HF litz wires can be provided with the additional insulations, in the form of yarns or tapes, which increases the electrical and mechanical values.

HF litz wires can be round or profiled (rectangular).

FrequencyIndividual Strand Diameter
1.5 MHz – 2.8 MHz0.032 mm
850 kHz – 1.5 MHz0.040 mm
500 kHz – 850 kHz0.050 mm
250 kHz – 500 kHz0.063 mm
100 kHz – 250 kHz0.071 mm
100 kHz – 250 kHz0.071 mm
50 kHz – 100 kHz0.100 mm
20 kHz – 50 kHz0.125 mm
10 kHz – 20 kHz0.200 mm
1 kHz – 10 kHz0.250 mm
50 Hz – 1 kHz0.400 mm

About High Frequency Litz Wires

Product Range

Cross-sectional Area0.5 MM2 – 400 MM2
Diameter of single strand0.032 MM – 1.00 MM
Direction of layS/Z
Width of Pressed litzUPTO 30 MM
Thickness of Pressed litzUPTO 20 MM

Types of Insulations


Area of Application

Types of HF Litz Wires

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